Customer Satisfaction Index


  CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index

Overtake CSI enable you to maximise your relationships with customers through its innovative and completely customisable customer satisfaction platform. The system promotes continuous improvement and allows users to instil a recognised best practice, helping you through its unique customer satisfaction measurement platform.

By fine-tuning and improving communication with existing and prospective customers, Overtake CSI enables you to increase sales, reduce customer complaints and develop a mentality of partnering with customers while benchmarking different divisions within your organisation.

Customer satisfaction index measures customer response to your products and/or services – if they meet or surpass expectation. In a modern market where companies compete for every single customer, satisfaction is a key differentiator and has become a vital element of business strategy.


Analise your company through the eyes of your customers and improve on a satisfied customer base by systematically addressing, fixing, and implementing new solutions. Satisfied customers make for loyal customers and are the result of a commitment to excellence. Customer needs and desires require support, commitment and a detailed view of customer opinions. Your customers’ satisfaction is just like any other area of business - if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.


Overtake CSI produces highly detailed reports that enable you to view your business through the eyes of your customers. Extremely useful Analytical Tools like Aggregate Totals and Individual Reports provide a clinical view that relies on simplicity and clarity

Measure customer satisfaction at base levels, by product or process, and implement strategies to improve them in a meaningful way to your clientele, creating improved loyalty and customer retention. This guarantees an emotional connection and loyalty to your organisation.


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