Increase your business potential by casting a wider net and talking to a bigger market. Access to our database of traders is fully customisable and instant – instead of phoning around, a new entry is automatically emailed or sms’d to your selection of traders. This saves you valuable time, money, and improves on the informal relationship between dealers, delivering a quicker and more cost-effective way of conducting business.

A uniform valuation process addresses corporate governance issues, streamlining all valuation procedures while freeing up time for your staff and keeping effective records of all transactions. Traders may also be profiled and selected as per the stock they wish to communicate about. The valuation process is paperless (print option for deal file available), quick, easy and its uniform structure can be emailed to sales consultants immediately. Thanks to an advanced database logarithm, repeat visits or ’shopping’ customers will appear immediately and show the result of any previous valuation on a specific vehicle. You may also access historic valuations if a customer returns after six months.

Welcome to the future

All traditional aspects of a valuation process have been considered and have been seamlessly integrated into our electronic procedure on computers, laptops, selected smartphones or tablets like Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxi. Customers can sign directly on the ipad/tablet and the camera is automatically invokes to capture a photograph of the vehicle. Overtake provides each dealer with a smart tablet device which can be locked down to prevent abuse. The device connects to our system via wireless internet or 3G mobile broadband, allowing you to even do valuations off-premises (e.g. at a customer’s house) and attain prices while returning to the dealership.

It’s in the details

Overtake’s sophisticated management tools ensure that you are informed of every detail - dealers or dealer principals are able to view a summary of all vehicles that have been presented for trade-in, as well as the customer’s details. This valuable information can be used for future prospecting and also offers you the following benefits:

  • Retrieve the amount of valuations per dealership (in comparison to other dealerships)
  • Valuations per Sales Executive
  • Dealer vs Trade prices
  • Vehicles trade history per brand, M&M, etc.

You may also keep track of post-valuation activity to analyse what percentage of vehicles were kept in stock, sold to the trade (via Overtake Auction) or deals that were lost. Contact us today for a demonstration of Overtake’s advanced system and ensure that your business reaches its maximum potential